The Cure

Time Heals Only So Much

The Cure: Time Heals Only So Much The Cure: Time Heals Only So Much


A stranger from the future comes to Paige’s cabin in rural Georgia with a treatment for her early onset Alzheimer’s disease. He bargains with the skeptical patient to give her The Cure if she’ll conduct a longitudinal study for him, proving his drug’s efficacy to a future world full of clients that need it. Faced with her dire diagnosis, he might be her only hope. She grapples with the side effects of his offer and learns to suppress her own dangerous truth: trust no one.

Seldom lucky in love, Paige finds herself competing with her best friend for his attention, knowing there can be no good end for their stolen moments of passion. Can she stay under the radar of the medical and legal communities to carry out his requests? And how will their complicated pasts bring them together physically, emotionally and professionally in a successful, if unethical, partnership?

Many lives will be changed, but at what cost… and to whom?

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See what another reader had to say about The Cure: A twist at the beginning takes you back from the future to set the scene for the protagonists harboring a secret – some scenes of life and death are grizzly, some electrifying in this time travel tale, but either way you want to read on. From a significant auto accident to a yacht explosion, Bowen keeps us enthralled with an idea so real for today that in the future The Cure could well be a distinct possibility. The idea stays with you throughout, you cannot lose track and then in the end ……you just want more. Can’t wait for Book 2. Excellent writing.

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